Powertool Cheerleaders – The Rodriguez List


Powertool Cheerleaders vs the Boyband of the Screeching Dead is a horror/musical/comedy which is now in production. We just completed our funding Kickstarter (which was at one point the most POPULAR FILM KICKSTARTER IN THE WORLD!!) and now we’re setting out to bring our amazing movie into people’s lives.

We’ll be shooting in London and Essex in the UK over the next few months. We’re trying to stretch our budget to the absolute limit and here’s where you might come in. We’re trying to put together a list of cool stuff/locations/props that people might let us use for free, in exchange for maybe a mention the end credits or just the joy of seeing something of theirs in a movie.

Maybe you’ve spent ten years on a cool art project and would love to see it get screentime? Maybe you own a location you’d like to publicise by having it feature in a cult movie? If you’ve got cool stuff you might want to have featured onscreen, this is your chance to let us know!

(This idea was named after writer/director Robert Rodriguez, who once assembled a list of the cool stuff he had access to before writing the script which became El Mariachi)

Here we go!

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